What is a cache memory ? What kind of files it stores ?

By | October 6, 2020

Cache Memory is a core element of both computer and smartphone system, which stores the data for future use, so the data stored as cache memory can be served faster.

Cache memory allows system operations to hold recently accessed data in a place for repeated use, rather than software having to use the same set of instructions, for the fast access instructions will increases the overall speed of the program.


The microprocessor processes data and it looks first in the cache memory. If it find any instructions or data looking from previous reading of data, it does not need more time for consuming reading of data from larger main memory or other data storage devices.

Cache memory is responsible for speeding up operations and processing. If they have been opened and operated for sometime, most of the programs use few of a system resources, which are frequently re-referenced instructions tend to be cached. This is why system performance measurements for computers with slower processors but larger caches can be faster than those for computers with faster processors but less cache space.

About Cache Data :

• Cached data can be files, images and scripts automatically that are stored on your computer or phone

• Caching can helps to speed up your internet browsing or app usage

• Clearing cached data can free up valuable space on your device

• Deleting cached data has no negative consequences, though you may have to re-enter user name and password information for some sites

Should you clear your cached data ?

You can clear cache data if your mobile application being drained, Sometimes files in the application can get corrupted, which slows down your phone. That’s why clearing your cache can get your device running more smoothly. if any kind of apps being laggy can be cleared. Although, constantly clearing your cache isn’t a permanent solution, since you’ll eventually be reopening apps and revisiting websites at some point. The data will be re-cached and the cycle will be continued.

How to clear cache memory in my smartphone ?

– That’s quite simply !

> Go to system settings

> Go to app management

> Go to App’s list

> Choose the one that you want to clear

> Go to storage usage

> Clear cache memory

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