realme narzo 20 Battery – Feel The Surge Of 6000mAh

By | October 6, 2020

Hello, realme fans!

How are you? I hope you all are doing well and enjoying your time in the realme community. realme on 21st September introduced realme narzo 20 series by launching 3 devices, i.e. realme narzo 20 Prorealme narzo 20 and realme narzo 20A offering amazing specifications at a competitive price. In today’s thread, I’ll review the massive 6000mAh battery of realme narzo 20.

I have reviewed the battery in 3 stages:

1. Charging phase

2. Moderate usage

3.Heavy usage

The realme narzo 20 packs a massive 6000 mAh battery. It comes with an 18W charger, supporting quick charge.

I plugged-in realme narzo 20 for charging at 9.52 AM.

After 2 hrs the battery reached to 58% at 11.52 AM.

After 3 hrs battery reached to 85% at 12.52 AM.

The realme narzo 20 took 4 hrs 9 mins to get fully charged with 18W charger provided inside the box. Pretty impressive, isn’t it ?


So now that the device is fully charged, it is time to drain the battery. The apps that I used during while reviewing the device’s battery are Instagram, Camera, realme community, Spotify and YouTube. During the review, brightness was set to 100% and the phone was connected to WiFi. I started using the device at 6.14 PM. The device only drained 1% during 4 hrs of idle time.

I watched YouTube videos for 2 hrs, the battery was 85% (14% drain). After watching videos on YouTube, I started browsing on Instagram, realme community app & also used camera after 2.45 hrs of continuous usage. The battery level reached 73% at 10.41 PM (12% drain).


Day 2

Next day, I started using the device at 11.26 AM and my device only drained to 1% during the idle time.

In the morning, I recorded some videos, streamed my favorite songs on Spotify, checked my Instagram and used realme community till 14.55 (16% drain).


After that, I played Smash Hit, watched videos on YouTube, clicked some photos, recorded videos and used Facebook till 9.39 PM. The battery reached 29% (27% drain).


Day 3

With Bluetooth turned on at the same night, the phone had a 9% battery drain. I started using the device at 10.16 AM, the battery was at 20%.I started using the applications which I used for the last 2 days. The device reached 1% at 3.59 p.m. on the third day.


With moderate usage, I got a Screen On-Time of 11h 57mins. I am also sharing screenshots of my phone battery usage which shows the application used by me during moderate usage.


Let’s move to the 3rd part of the review i.e. heavy usage.

Day 4

On day 4, I kept the device for charging in the morning and at 11.12 AM, the device was fully charged. I played games like Subway Surfers, Dream League Soccer 2020 and Dr Driving 2 and at 4.22 PM, the battery reached 54% (46% drain).



I started recording video on the device from 4.22 PM till 6.05 PM and the battery reached 43% (11% drain). After that, I watched videos on YouTube & played games till 8.42 PM, battery reached 19% (24% drain).


After that, I recorded videos until 10.25 PM, battery reached 2% (17% drain).

I got a total Screen On-Time of 10h 5min on heavy usage.


realme narzo 20‘s huge 6000mAh battery performs really well in all conditions. If you are someone who likes non-stop gaming and entertainment experience, this is a perfect choice.

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