5 Best New Android Apps For November 2020

As you all know app developers are pushing the envelope consistently attempting to improve and upgrade our smartphone and tablet experiences. Truth be told, so numerous Android applications come out each day that it’s hard to monitor them all. It’s hard to usurp the most elite yet in case you’re getting exhausted with what you… Read More »

Top 5 Cricket Games For The Survival For Every Cricket Fan

I hope you all are having a great time at the realme community with all the sizzling hot content served to you every day. I am here to contribute to this never-ending stream of cool stuff. As we all know that Cricket is considered as the second religion in India and you would have to… Read More »

Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser – Private Browser of 2020 (November)

Privacy is becoming a major concern in today’s growing technological World. It becomes our utmost priority when it comes to browsing history. Almost all the browsers support Incognito Mode but it’s not default and you have to make a few clicks to reach it. So today I am here with a superlight and private incognito… Read More »

What is a cache memory ? What kind of files it stores ?

Cache Memory is a core element of both computer and smartphone system, which stores the data for future use, so the data stored as cache memory can be served faster. Cache memory allows system operations to hold recently accessed data in a place for repeated use, rather than software having to use the same set of instructions,… Read More »

Mi Home App v5.8.27 Is Released with new features

  Mi Home is an all-in-one professional app to help you manage your intelligent Mi devices/gadgets with an ease. It supports almost all smart Mi devices and let you control them directly from your android phone. Mi Home app allows you to: Add new devices with few easy steps. Control your devices wherever you are! Get the… Read More »

All About Power Management IC in Mobiles

IC stands for Integrated Circuit. An IC is a semiconductor device that consists of thousands or millions of resistors, capacitors or transistors.The IC’s are of two types, Linear and Digital. The IC can function as a timer, counter, amplifier, memory etc.   PMIC: Power Management Integrated Circuit: Power management ICs (PMICs) are integrated circuits which… Read More »

Google Pixel 5 Pricing Leaked, 128GB Variant to Cost $700

Google is scheduled to launch the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 at an event on September 30th. Both the devices have been extensively leaked. A recent leak showed Pixel 4a 5G in full glory alongside specifications. Tipster Jon Presser has now revealed Pixel 5 pricing in a different region   Jon Presser claims that Pixel 5… Read More »