New Latest Android 11 Features

By | September 29, 2020


With Android 11, you can pin conversations so they always appear on top of other apps and screens. Bubbles keep the conversation going—while you stay focused on whatever else you’re doing. Access the chat anytime or anywhere. Then carry on doing you.



Manage your conversations.

Select and share just got easier.

Select text from your apps. Grab images too. On Pixel devices1, you can easily copy, save and share info between many apps. Like your browser, your delivery app or from the news.


Smart reply

Get suggested responses in conversations.Hi there, sounds good or 👋 when you need it. On Pixel devices1, replies are intelligently suggested based on what’s been said in the conversation—so the words you need and the perfect emoji are always at your fingertips.2


With Android 11, Voice Access is faster and easier to use. Intuitive labels on apps help you control and navigate your phone, all by speaking out loud. Even use Voice Access offline, for more support whenever you need it.

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