How to secure your cellphone from pickpocket

By | November 30, 2020

Cellphone theft, beside wallet theft, is the one of the most common crime in metropolitan city like Jakarta. As you may know, Jakarta have not so good public transportation. There are so many ugly city buses and the one we called “angkot”. On the top of that, Jakarta is one of the most crowded city in Indonesia. According to Wikipedia, Jakarta population in 2010 is 9.588.198 million people. Meaning that there are 14.464 people/km2 (very crowded isn’t it?). Not only that, there are many people (approx 28 millions!) commuting to Jakarta almost everyday from cities around it (Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok, and Bogor). So expect “tuna can” feeling when you ride a train/city bus in Jakarta. This condition used by some “evil guy” to steal small belongings from other people. Well, wallets and cellphones are the most common one.
How to secure your cellphone from pickpocket
Above: Metro Mini
Below: Angkot

How to secure your cellphone from pickpocket

Today I will give you some tips how to “survive in Jakarta’s public transportation” without losing your smartphone.

1. Never EVER put your cellphone in your pocket
Always put your cellphone in a bag. And remember always wear your bag in front of you when you can see all of it.

2. Use hidden compartment inside the bag
Some bags have hidden pocket/compartment inside it. You can safely put your cellphone in there.

3. Use lunchbox.
Put your cellphone inside lunchbox for disguise.

4. Use your phone only when necessary in public transport
If there are not important things, don’t use your phone when you’re in metro mini, angkot, or commuter line (city train). The cellphone theft always looking for someone who shows their cellphone in public.

5. Never EVER sleep when in public transport
This one is a headshot for you from the pickpockets. Not only that, some maniacs tends to molesting you if you’re a girl/woman.

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