How To Reset Your PTCL Internet Router

By | July 18, 2020

How To Reset Your PTCL Internet Router

Reset Your PTCL Internet Router

There may be good reasons for someone to reset their Internet router at any time. Connection issues, WAP protocol error, browsing issues, forgot password. The reasons are definitely good. For this effect, here is how to reset your PTCL internet router.

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The process is an exceptional one that, surprisingly, does not require any background tech skills. To learn how to reset your router in priority settings, you must follow a specific set of instructions.

Instruction Base:

Make sure your device is not placed near an electrical device such as a monitor, speaker and watt note. We encourage safety at all times!
Check the status of the DSL light. Navigate to the splitter display and you will get a static green light. If this light does not blink and does not move, DSL is working normally.
Check the Internet if the light is on and blinking, OK.
Now, open your browser.

Verification is required

You must enter a username and password (your IP address, username and password are also mentioned on the back of your modem). After entering your username and password, click Login.

Your browser will take you to PTCL’s main DSL router home page. In the side options, find and click Advanced Setup.

To enable any previous settings enabled for the router, click all the checkboxes under the Remove column and press Remove

In the ATM PVC Configuration Viewer panel, enter:Check the “Enable quality of service” option and click “Next”.
How to Reset Your PTCL Internet Router

In the next window, select PPP over Ethernet (PPPOE).
LPC / SNAP – Encapsulation format on Burging

The next page will take you to some entry boxes for new or existing information. You will need to enter the username and password in the fields provided. Your username is your registered PTCL landline number through which you got the DSL connection.


  • For the PPPOE service name, type
  • Finally, call Navigate directly with a customer representative and ask for credentials.
  • Click Next and proceed.
  • On the new page, enable the checkmark NAT, enable the firewall,
  • and enable the WEN service. Click Next to finalize your details.

The last page summarizes what has changed in your respective fields. Click on it to restart your router and reset the settings.
Tip: To perform a hard reset, press the hard reset button on the back of your modem. When the modem light turns red, release the button. Repeat the above steps to set all the priorities correctly.

Well, there you have boys! It was about how to reset your PTCL Internet Router. If you have any questions, leave your feedback in the section below.

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