How to Change Color & Contrast of Display On Your Mi Phones

By | December 18, 2020

With the increased dependency on our smartphones, almost all of us spend quite a large amount of time in front of our phones. So the colors and brightness of the screen automatically becomes two essential factors for our eyes’ health. Most of our smartphones come with an auto brightness feature to adjust display brightness according to ambient lighting, which helps in conserving precious battery life and is also helpful for your eyes. But at times, you might also wish to change other display parameters like color temperature and more. To do so, on your Mi phone you don’t need to rely on any third-party apps. Moreover, AMOLED display also offers a wide range of colors from which you can choose your preferred ones. Let’s see how to do it.

How to change Color & contrast of display?

  • Go to Settings – Display
  • Choose Contrast & colors
  • For the colors, you can set it as Default, Warm or Cool. While the Warm has a bit yellowish display, the Cool has much more whitish tinge on it
[MIUI Tips & Tricks #13] How to Change Color & Contrast of Display On Your Mi Phones?


  • For contrast, you can set it as Automatic, Increased or Standard
  • The Automatic Contrast optimize contrast for available light. Standard contrast remains constant while in Increased mode, you would experience display with enhanced contrast
  • For AMOLED display, you would also find different colors to pick from. Just choose the one in which you want to have your display from the circular palette.
[MIUI Tips & Tricks #13] How to Change Color & Contrast of Display On Your Mi Phones?

That’s all. Please note, different color palette option is only available for supported devices. However, color temperature and contrast settings are similar for all Mi phones. So, if you are not satisfied with the default screen color, follow these simple steps to adjust and give it the look, that suits your eyes.

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