Gyroscope and Accelerometer Problem and Solution

By | December 7, 2020
Here I would like to give you tips and tricks on how to overcome the gyroscope and accelerometer sensor error in some type of Xiaomi like redmi redmi Note 4 and Note 3 Pro. I have also experienced similar things in redmi Note 4 mine. When playing vr or game using the sensor sensors are often inaccurate and tilting. This time I want to tell how that is:

1. Turn On Automatic rotation
How to : Go to Settings > Display > In display settings checklist “Auto-rotate screen”.
On navigation Bar you can swipe down top layer and choose automatic rotation icon (make sure if “rotation off”)

2. Turn Off Automatic Brightness
How To : Go to Settings > Display > Brightness level > in Brightness level settings checklist “Automatic Brightness”
You can turn off Automatic Brightness on navigation bar from upper screen with swipe down screen.

3. Change to “Standard Contrast”
How To : Go to Settings > Display > Colors and contrast > in Colors and contrast settings choose “Standard”.

After all the tricks have been done, then do the following:
1. Restart your Device
2. After Restart your Device or Xiaomi, go to Settings > About Phone > tap the screen 3 times on “Kernel Version” > In “QC Test” menu choose “Accelerator”. Then positioning your phone or device on a flat surface. After that touch “Start Calibrate” wait until “OK” menu could be shown or take an action and touch “OK”.
3. Finish!! You can play your VR Game

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