Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser – Private Browser of 2020 (November)

By | October 6, 2020

Privacy is becoming a major concern in today’s growing technological World. It becomes our utmost priority when it comes to browsing history. Almost all the browsers support Incognito Mode but it’s not default and you have to make a few clicks to reach it. So today I am here with a superlight and private incognito ‘Browser’ to keep your browsing history a mystery to all.

🌊App Preview💦


Size Doesn’t Matter

This Incognito Browser packs itself in only 500kb, yes you heard it right. Though its superlight, performance isn’t compromised in any way. It works fluently and does the job it’s meant for.


So as i have told you earlier , this browser comes with Incognito Tabs only, which means you don’t have to switch from normal. Also the default search engine is DuckDuckGo. It deletes all the browsing history, cache, cookies, input data etc on the go.



The flash player works very fine on this. Videos and animations work fluently. The ad-blockers are also powerful and block unnecessary pop ups efficiently. The UI is way too simple and easy to navigate and learn.



✔️Privacy First

✔️Clean and simple UI

✔️Uncompromised Flash Player


❌Sometimes Ads aren’t blocked

💎🔥My Opinions🔥💎

Its superlight size and definitive purpose working makes me choose this one over regular browsers for private internet surfing. The simple UI adds to it . It doesn’t waste your time and solves the purpose it’s made for.

🐬Download link:📱Google Playstore📱

🐬Size: 464 Kb

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