JON SCHAFFER, from Indiana, was entered or remained in the part of Restricted Building without any official permission. He also trouble-making in the working of Government Officials. He affianced in physical violence against any person or property in a Capitol Building. He also violated the Capitol Building and entered the Parade Ground as well. He… Read More »

5 Tips To Make Sure Your Smartphone Charger Lasts Longer

We always care about how to save or extend the lifespan of smartphone batteries but we never think of the smartphone chargers that are important to charge the batteries. Smartphone are effectively useless without their chargers. If you run out of a smartphone charger, you know how it feels. In our today’s volume of Mi… Read More »

How to Use Hotspot on Your Mi Phone Most Efficiently

The mobile hotspot gives you Wi-Fi on-the-go , As long as your smartphone has a cellular signal , you can offer Wi-Fi for the other devices. So today lets learn how to use mobile hotspot of your Mi phone most efficiently! Set up a Hotspot Password: You should always secure your hotspot connection by giving… Read More »

How to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in xiaomi phone

Download clone app, install it and simple add your accounts that you need, which are not supported by default from the Android system. make use of clone app,you can efficiently add second account for whatsApp.Thus Realizes, you having second account setup on the phone. clone app is a unique app which allows you to sign in two… Read More »

How to Change Color & Contrast of Display On Your Mi Phones

With the increased dependency on our smartphones, almost all of us spend quite a large amount of time in front of our phones. So the colors and brightness of the screen automatically becomes two essential factors for our eyes’ health. Most of our smartphones come with an auto brightness feature to adjust display brightness according… Read More »

Differences Between Power Off/On and Rebooting Your Smartphone

People nowadays are becoming more and more reliant on phones. We may manage not to use a computer for half a day, but even a moment without a phone sends us into a panic. Even though you may use your phone every day, do you know the difference between powering Off/On your phone and rebooting?… Read More »

Samsung New Latest Features 2020 December

Sleep App Put apps to sleep when they haven’t been used for a while – You can select apps that will be able to run in the background. You can also select sleep delay time from the settings.   How to use: From Settings, tap Device care > Battery > Settings > tap put unused apps to sleep and to select the Sleeping Apps go back to the previous… Read More »

Gyroscope and Accelerometer Problem and Solution

Here I would like to give you tips and tricks on how to overcome the gyroscope and accelerometer sensor error in some type of Xiaomi like redmi redmi Note 4 and Note 3 Pro. I have also experienced similar things in redmi Note 4 mine. When playing vr or game using the sensor sensors are… Read More »

MIUI 12 Screen Combo Feature – Know More!

  Steps To Enable: 1. Open “settings” and then tap on “Connection & sharing“. 2. Now tap on the “Screen Combo” option and then “Scanner” to scan the QR code in order to connect. 3. After taping on the scanner button, If you are trying to connect it for 1st time then you will see… Read More »

How to secure your cellphone from pickpocket

Cellphone theft, beside wallet theft, is the one of the most common crime in metropolitan city like Jakarta. As you may know, Jakarta have not so good public transportation. There are so many ugly city buses and the one we called “angkot”. On the top of that, Jakarta is one of the most crowded city… Read More »